Inland ReTech is owned and operated by Curt (pictured above) and Donna Burge. The couple purchased the company in 2006 and have been operating in the Valley ever since. We are licensed, bonded and are a registered collector of qualifying electronics through the WA State Recycling Program. Our EPA number is EPR 00335.

Why recycle electronics? 

Computers and other electronics contain chemicals that can be hazardous to the environment.  Dropping off your electronics at Inland ReTech ensures that technology won’t end up in a landfill where it could cause environmental damage and possibly hurt the community.

Protection from Identity Theft

Desktops, phones, laptops etc. store extremely personal data – whether it’s yours or your company’s information – Inland ReTech makes sure that it’ll be erased. We are a registered collector with the Washington E-Cycle program.

Why you should choose to recycle with us

We are a small, local business that strives to provide you with the very best service and efficiency. As such, it’s absolutely free to drop-off your electronics. Additionally, if you choose to stop in, be sure to say hi to our company dogs, our border terriers Roo and Gus (pictured above).