Inland ReTech is a registered collector for the Washington E-Cycle Program. Washington E-Cycle provides FREE recycling of computers, monitors, laptops, and TVs for consumers, small businesses, school districts, small governments, special purpose districts, and charities. To use this service for FREE, all you need to do is drop off your electronics at our warehouse.  We are not able pick up TV’s, but they can be dropped off also.We accept older tv’s as well as newer ones. We ask that the large ones with glass tubes come in with intact glass. We also recycle printers and copiers. We do not accept inkjet or laser toners. Please ensure that there is no loose plastic scrap in your drop offs.

What We Do

Computers Outside Wrapped

We package old technology to later be safely recycled. Old electronics can carry toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, and more. These can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

Stuff Outside

We also salvage and restore some of the items dropped off. This can be anything from old laptops to just hard drives or keyboards. Feel free to look around and purchase any parts or items you find useful!

Stacks of Computers

If you have any questions, especially those regarding what you can and cannot drop off, don’t hesitate to give us a call or reach us through the contact portion of this website.